The Doe

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Infused Specialty Cheddar

Silver Medal — International Cheese Awards 

The Doe is a gracefully creamy handcrafted bandaged-wrapped Cheddar marbled with intoxicatingly aromatic pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean. This special cheese begins with wholesome rBST-free milk from Wisconsin. During the cheese-making process, we add freshly ground whole vanilla bean and then age the cheese to allow the flavors to mellow and penetrate throughout. The result is a uniquely perfumed velvety Cheddar that is savory with a sweetly woody finish.

Our Favorite Pairings:

  • Soft Pairings: Coffee, Orange-infused Sparkling Water, Hot Chocolate
  • Beer: Nitro Stout, Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Wines: Champagne, Chardonnay
  • Hard Pairings: Hard Cider, Bourbon, Grand Marnier
  • Nibblies: Cashews, Chocolate, Shortbread Cookies, Dried Fruit, Apple Pie, Fresh, Cherries, Baked Ham, Orange-infused Dark Chocolate


  • 2021
    • Silver – International Cheese Awards
      • Any variety that contains Sweet Additives – Hard and Semi Hard Cheese
  • 2015
    • Silver – International Cheese Awards
    • 3rd Place – American Cheese Society

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