Deer Creek Carawaybou_ cheese_1006

An old fashioned Caraway Wisconsin Colby recipe brought back to life

Gold Winner at L.A. International Dairy Competition 2018

We resurrected an old fashioned cheese recipe from 1914 to create Deer Creek’s The Carawaybou. Crafted as a classic, handmade Wisconsin Original Colby, The Carawaybou is speckled with caraway seeds for an eye catching look and irresistible Old World flavor. The aromatic bouquet of the caraway tantalizes the senses and gives way to a distinctive gentle perfumed anise flavor that penetrates the buttery Colby without overpowering it. The slight crunch of the caraway seeds adds a pleasant contrast to the firm, yet openly curdy body of the cheese.

Our Favorite Pairings

  • Beers:  Wisconsin Beers, Belgian Ales, Lagers, Hard Ciders
  • Wines & Beverages: Pinot Nior, Gewurztraminer, Hot Apple Cider
  • Nibblies: Black Grapes, Honey Crisp or Gala Apples, Buttery Crackers, Ham, Sausage, Pork Roast, Rye Bread, Roasted Cauliflower


  • 2018
    • Gold, Flavored Hard Cheeses — L.A. International Dairy Competition


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