Theses are the cheeses from our Founder’s childhood. The ones he grew up with. The ones he loved. At Deer Creek we believe that we are only one generation away from the extinction of some of the traditional flavor, body, and texture characteristics that classic, Wisconsin-produced cheeses have always been known for.

unspecifiedIn order to preserve these classics from the Dairy State, we began working with specific cheesemakers in order to renovate the taste and essence of these wonderful cheeses. In the Spring of 2015 we introduced Deer Creek’s The Robin, a classic, handmade Colby. This simple, yet much loved cheese suffered greatly after the mid 1990s due to revised standards of identity, and increased speed and efficiency demands from larger manufactures. The taste and texture that Colby was known for suffered, as did it popularity. The Robin brings back Colby’s signature firm, curdy body and lovely mechanical open texture. That signature texture is then reunited with the classic Colby flavor – clean, fresh, buttery milk with a pleasantly salty finish style. That’s the Colby of the 50s & 60s and that’s the Colby of The Robin.

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