At Deer Creek we understand that we are simply stewards of this beautiful land, and know that even by embracing the most sustainable practices our company cannot fully avoid impacting the environment.  Because of that, it is our goal to continuously seek and discover the steps–both large and small–that we can take to mindfully operate our business in a manner which helps protect the planet and its people for generations to come.

Supporting Small & Local

  • We paying a premium for high quality milk from small family dairy farms so the farmers can earn a decent wage in order to care for their families, farms, and livestock.
  • We have establishing a milk price floor to ensure that farmers are not subjected to excessive market downturn fluctuations so they can earn a fair price for their milk.
  • We choose to do business with local banks, suppliers, logistic, and industry partners.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

  • We’ve switched to a cold storage warehouse facility who uses solar energy for much of its power.
  • We always search for cost-effective, greener consolidation and logistic solutions and ways to reduce the number of shipping and warehouse touches our products make on their way to the consumer.
  • We limit auto and air travel when possible.
  • We contribute 100% of our monthly energy usage to Second Natural, a program that pools energy usage needs together in order to buy more earth-friendly, renewable energy produced from wind and solar power. 

Conserving Natural Resources

  • We use FSC (certified and sustainable papers, card stock, and labels where we can.
  • We source our wood curing boxes from sustainable sources.
  • We use higher post-consumer recycled corrugated boxes when possible.
  • We’ve switched existing interior lighting to LED lighting. 
  • We limit the number of items we put into smaller retail cuts to reduce packaging waste while at the same time honoring the art of cheese mongering at the store level.
  • We contribute 1% of our gross sales to 1% for the Planet.

1% for the Planet

In 2002, two businessmen, both with a love for the outdoors, decided that they needed to do something to help protect our planet. These two men, Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, decided that they should give 1% of their profits back to the environment, and in doing so created the global movement known as 1% for the Planet.  

1% for the Planet is a global network of over 3,000 individuals, organizations, and companies striving to make a difference and protect the future of our planet. Since its inception, 1% for the Planet members have come together to contribute more than $250 million in support of approved environmental nonprofits.  

We are in the cheese business.  That’s what we do.  By partnering with 1% for the Planet we are able to support some of the hardworking organizations who are focused day in and day out to care for and protect the earth and its people.  Through our 1% for the Planet donations we have been able to support organizations working to protect clean air and water, feed those in need, mentor organic farmers, and inspire urban gardening. 

But it doesn’t stop here.  We want tomorrow to be an even better place for generations to come  and will continue to look for ways to help do our part for the health of our planet and its people.

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