Rich in character, our collection of handmade artisan cheeses are known for their whimsical labels, their unique stories, and above all, their award winning flavor. The inspiration for the cast of characters came from Founder Chris Gentine’s beloved little boy storybook, The Golden Story Book of River Bend, written by Richard Scarry’s wife Patricia Scarry.

In the story, animals like Kenny Pig, Miss Kitty, Janie Raccoon, and Mr. Foxy lived, worked, and played together in the village of River Bend.Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 1.28.27 PM

In a place called Deer Creek, The Fawn, The Stag, The Robin, The Doe, The Rattlesnake, The Blue Jay, The Moon Rabbit, and The Imperial Buck make their home. Together they bring to life a magical story of a magical place.

A Place Called Deer Creek

Once upon a time in the deep dark wood of Wisconsin there was a creek. Cool, clean waters from glaciers long ago flowed freely within its banks. The water gave life to the lush meadow that grew in a clearing along the creek. Many animals gathered there and made it their home.DSC_3748

The animals lived in harmony with one another, enjoying the sweet grasses, wild flowers, and fresh berries that spring forth from the nutrient rich soil left as the glaciers melted into the earth.
It was a magical place filled with beauty, inspiration, and light.

We call this place Deer Creek.

Our handmade artisan cheeses consists of three collections:unspecified

  • Deer Creek Signature Originals – a collection of uniquely sweet, nutty, and worldly Cheddars that takes the cheese connoisseur into a deeper appreciation of the artistry that goes into creating a perfect cheese
  • Deer Creek Dimensions – a collection of uniquely flavored cheeses that offer an unexpected and captivating taste experience
  • Deer Creek Spirits – a whimsical and magical collection of liquor soaked and infused cheeses


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