You feta believe it, Wisconsin holds the Guinness World Record for Largest Cheeseboard

What’s 4,437 pounds and smells like cheese? It’s The Guinness World Record Winning Largest Cheeseboard! Yesterday, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin assembled more than 100 varieties of cheeses, our entire line of Deer Creek cheeses included, on a 35-by-7-foot board to break the current world record. The largest cheese on the board was a mammoth wheel submitted by our cheesemaker Kerry Henning of Henning’s Cheese which weighed an entire ton!

Cheesemakers and cheese lovers alike gathered at the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin to get a peek– and a taste– of the cheeseboard.  After the record was officially announced, all of the cheese on the board was either sampled, raffled off to raise money for the Great American Milk Drive, or donated to Second Harvest Foodbank. Cheese + charity = a happy Deer Creek family!

Our Deer Creek reps had a totally great time snapping pictures, eating cheese, and talking to industry friends at the event. One of our reps was able to score a free mini cheeseboard featuring some of the cheeses submitted. The board she received featured a tasty pairing of Deer Creek’s The Doe, Rollei Red Rock, and Organic Valley Sharp Cheddar Cheese with some dried cranberries. Yum!

Check out these pictures from the event!


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