Drumroll please…

In the supreme judging at the 2016 International Cheese Awards held in Nantwich, England, Deer Creek’s The Imperial Buck was awarded The Reefer 90’s Trophy for The Best USA Cheese! Additionally, it received Gold for the Best USA Cheddar, Extra Mature/Vintage. It was also recently awarded Best in Class in the Bandaged Cheddar, Sharp to Aged class at this year’s World Championship Cheese Contest, held in Milwaukee this past Spring. For both contests, cheese experts traveled from around the globe to judge thousands of the world’s best cheeses.

DSC_3827Like the award-winning Fawn and Stag, Deer Creek’s The Imperial Buck is a handmade, bandage-wrapped Cheddar. It is carefully aged for a longer period of time to allow for an even greater development of its rich nutty flavor and sweet butterscotch finish. The unique nuttiness is pronounced, yet blends beautifully with the buttery sweetness of the Cheddar. The crystalline crunch offers a nice contrast to the cheese’s creamy texture. The unique beauty of the cheese is how perfectly the nuttiness, creaminess, butteriness, and sweetness compliment and balance each other. It is truly a one-of-a-kind, outstanding Best In Class Cheddar.


Deer Creek’s The Fawn and The Stag also did very well in the prestigious contest in their respective categories finishing among the top 20 cheeses in the world. “Competing on the world stage is very intimidating,” said Chris Gentine, president and founder of The Artisan Cheese Exchange. “Your cheeses are competing with outstanding cheeses made by extremely talented cheesemakers from all over the world. There is something to be said for each and every cheese that places because the competition is intense.”

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