The Art of Tasting

Tasting Deer Creek’s Specialty Cheddar Flight

Arrange the cheeses on your cheeseboard and let them warm to room temperature. Sample the cheese in order from youngest to oldest, taking notes along the way. As you move from one cheese to the next, pay particular attention to the similarities and differences in the tasting categories as the cheeses age and take on different nuances. To add an extra bit of fun, ask those you are with to think back to what they were doing 1, 3, 5, and 7 years ago. Sharing cheese and sharing memories is a great recipe for a fun evening with family and friends.


Take a small piece of cheese in your hands and bring it to your nose. Inhale deeply, paying particular attention to the aroma of the cheese. Take note of any smells you notice. Is it fresh? Fruity? Sweet? Can you smell the creamy milk?

Texture & Appearance

From there, move on to texture and appearance, paying attention to the body of the cheese as well as the exterior. Is it soft? Firm? Crumbly? Do you notice any crystals? Is the color uniform throughout? Is it smooth and solid? Fresh looking and well shaped?


Finally, we come to the most important category: flavor. Place a small piece in your mouth and let it warm for a moment. Chew slowly, paying attention to the different flavors that are released as you chew. some flavors may be up front, while others may leave a lingering taste in your mouth. Does it taste buttery? Clean? Delicate or bold? Can you taste the fresh milk? Is it sharp? Savory? What else do you notice?

Enjoy your tasting!


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